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The Boogeyman (2023) | MovieWeb (1)
The Boogeyman





Release Date
June 2, 2023
Rob Savage
Chris Messina, Sophie Thatcher, Marin Ireland, David Dastmalchian, Vivien Lyra Blair, LisaGay Hamilton
Main Genre

20th Century Studios, 21 Laps Entertainment, NeoReel
Scott Beck, Bryan Woods, Mark Heyman, Stephen King

Don't Let it Out


A psychiatrist, where a man named Lester Billings talks to the doctor about the "murders" of his three young children, describing the events of the past several years. His first two children died mysteriously of apparently unrelated causes (diagnosed as crib death and convulsions, respectively) when left alone in their bedrooms. The only commonalities were that the children cried "Boogeyman!" before being left alone, and the closet door ajar after discovering their corpses, even though Billings is certain the door was shut.


The Boogeyman Director Says A Nightmare on Elm Street Would Be a ‘Dream Project’

Rob Savage

The Boogeyman director Rob Savage would love to helm A Nightmare on Elm Street reimagining, calls it a "dream project."

BySteven Thrash

The Boogeyman Director Rob Savage Hints at the Possibilities of a Sequel

Movie News

The Boogeyman’s Rob Savage says he has the ‘best movie ideas’ that can be a ‘potential classic.’

Why The Boogeyman Is the Perfect PG-13 Horror Film

The Boogeyman has proved unique, raising a fascinating question. What is so special about The Boogeyman, making it the perfect PG-13 horror fare?

ByRenae Richardson

10 Movies to Watch if You Loved Stephen King's The Boogeyman

Movie Lists

With the box office success of The Boogeyman, audiences are left wanting more obscure horror films for their viewing pleasure.

ByAndrew Dominguez

The Boogeyman Director Has the 'Best Idea' for a Sequel

Movie News

If The Boogeyman gets a sequel, director Rob Savage already knows where to take it.

ByJeremy Dick

The Boogeyman Director Rob Savage Was Forced to Remove an Iconic Star Wars Item From the Movie

Movie News

The award-winning director and screenwriter had to replace an iconic Star Wars prop under Disney’s request.

ByAli Valle

David Dastmalchian Initially Declined to Take Part in the Film 'The Boogeyman’

Movie News

The comic book writer and film actor, David Dastmalchian, just came from a ‘dark place’ before filming the movie.

ByAli Valle

Exclusive: The Boogeyman Director Rob Savage on How Horror Conquers Fear


Savage spoke about his new Stephen King adaptation The Boogeyman, which takes him beyond the found footage horror of Host and Dascham

ByMatt Mahler

The Boogeyman Review for Scaredy-Cats: A Dream Movie for Facing Fear

Movie and TV Reviews

For scaredy-cats, the good news is that the scariest part in The Boogeyman happens in the first act. After that, it's all about fearing less.

ByPhilana Marie Boles

The Boogeyman Review: Atmospheric Scares Devolve to Stale Horror Tropes

Movie and TV Reviews

Sadie Harper (Sophie Thatcher) investigates an evil entity stalking her younger sister (Vivien Lyra Blair) in the new Stephen King adaptation.

ByJulian Roman

The Boogeyman: Why You Should Be Excited for the Upcoming Stephen King Adaptation

Stephen King's The Boogeyman releases in theaters next Friday. Here is why you should be excited about this new horror film.

ByHaylee Gilmore

The Boogeyman Director Explains How Stephen King Creates Unlikable but Empathetic Characters

Movie News

Rob Savage taps into Stephen King’s abilities to make even the most unlikable character someone audiences can empathize with.

ByAnthony Lund

The Boogeyman Amps Up the Fright With New Teaser and Poster


One last sneak peek brings the screams as the adaptation of Stephen King's famous short story creeps into theaters next month.

ByStephanie Watel

The Boogeyman’s David Dastmalchian Faced Personal Demons to Star in the Stephen King Horror Movie

Movie News

David Dastmalchian opens up about facing-down his personal demons while taking on the horrors of Stephen King’s The Boogeyman.

ByCameron Bolton

The Boogeyman Is the Most ‘Viscerally Scary’ Stephen King Adaptation Ever, Director Declares

Movie News

Director Rob Savage is confident that The Boogeyman will not disappoint horror fans when it lands in theaters next month.

ByJonathan Fuge

The Boogeyman’s Monster Reveal Scene Had to Be Changed Due to Being Too Scary

Movie News

Stephen King’s The Boogeyman had to make changes after one scene disrupted the audience a little too much.

ByAnthony Lund

The Boogeyman Trailer Brings Stephen King's Novel to the Big Screen

Stephen King

The Boogeyman follows two sisters who are tormented by an entity that feeds on suffering.

ByJonathan Fuge

How The Boogeyman Trailer Shows Parents What's Lurking in the Closet

A look at 20th Century Studios' new horror adaptation, The Boogeyman. Here's a breakdown of the trailer.

BySmriti A

The Boogeyman: New Adaptation of Stephen King Story Gets Creepy Poster

Stephen King

The full length film from the writers of A Quiet Place will be the second adaptation of the short story.

ByCameron Bolton

The Boogeyman Trailer Gives a First Look at the Latest Stephen King Adaptation


Based on the short story from King's Night Shift story collection, The Boogeyman sets out to make you worry about what is lurking in the closet.

ByAnthony Lund

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