Pathfinder 2E Wrestler Dedication (2024)

If you've been exploring the vast and intricate world of Pathfinder 2E, chances are you've come across the intriguing concept of character dedications. These dedications add a layer of customization and flavor to your character, allowing you to delve into unique playstyles. In this article, we'll shine a spotlight on one such dedication that's been making waves among players - the Pathfinder 2E Wrestler Dedication.

Understanding the Essence: What is the Wrestler Dedication? (H1)

The Wrestler Dedication is a path that beckons players to embrace the physical prowess and showmanship of a professional wrestler within the context of Pathfinder 2E. This dedication allows characters to incorporate wrestling techniques into their combat repertoire, blending strength, agility, and flair on the battlefield.

The Mechanics Unveiled: Embracing the Grapple (H2)

At the heart of the Wrestler Dedication lies the art of grappling. Characters who choose this path gain access to a range of grappling maneuvers, enhancing their ability to control and disable opponents. From classic suplexes to bone-crushing submissions, the Wrestler Dedication brings a unique and entertaining dimension to combat encounters.

Choosing the Path: Requirements and Prerequisites (H2)

To embark on the journey of the Pathfinder 2E Wrestler Dedication, certain prerequisites must be met. Typically, characters need to possess a minimum proficiency in Athletics, showcasing their physical prowess. Additionally, a dash of charisma can enhance the theatricality of their wrestling performances.

Building Your Wrestling Persona: Roleplaying Tips (H2)

Beyond the mechanical benefits, the Wrestler Dedication encourages players to develop a captivating wrestling persona for their characters. This can be an excellent opportunity for roleplaying, allowing characters to adopt flamboyant personas or embrace the stoic demeanor of a professional grappler.

Unleashing Signature Moves: Feats and Abilities (H2)

As characters progress along the Wrestler Dedication path, they unlock a variety of feats and abilities. These may include signature moves, improved grappling techniques, and even crowd-pleasing stunts that can sway the tides of battle.

Navigating the Arena: Tactical Considerations (H2)

While the Wrestler Dedication adds a layer of entertainment to the game, it's crucial to remember the tactical advantages it brings. Grappling can control enemy movements, disrupt spellcasting, and provide valuable support to the rest of the party. Wise wrestlers understand when to play to the crowd and when to focus on the strategic aspects of combat.

Breaking Down Perplexity: The Intricacies of Grappling (H3)

Grappling mechanics in Pathfinder 2E can initially appear perplexing, especially for those new to the system. However, the Wrestler Dedication provides an excellent opportunity to delve into these mechanics and discover the nuances of controlling and overpowering opponents.

Embracing Burstiness: Showcasing Spontaneity in Combat (H3)

One of the defining features of the Wrestler Dedication is its burstiness. The unexpected nature of wrestling moves can catch opponents off guard, providing moments of sheer spontaneity in the heat of battle. This burstiness adds a dynamic element to encounters, keeping both players and GMs on their toes.

Maintaining Specificity: Mastering Wrestling Techniques (H3)

While the Wrestler Dedication encourages creativity, it's essential to maintain specificity in your wrestling techniques. Each move should be described with flair and detail, ensuring that the vivid imagery of the wrestling arena comes to life in the minds of players and GMs alike.

Balancing Context: Integrating Wrestling into the Campaign (H3)

To truly make the most of the Wrestler Dedication, it's crucial to balance its context within the overarching campaign. Consider the setting, the reactions of NPCs, and the potential consequences of your character's flamboyant wrestling persona. This ensures that the dedication seamlessly integrates into the narrative without feeling out of place.

The Human Touch: Bringing Characters to Life (H4)

As you explore the Pathfinder 2E Wrestler Dedication, remember that the true magic lies in the human touch you bring to your character. Infuse your wrestler with quirks, flaws, and memorable catchphrases. This not only enhances the gaming experience but also creates a lasting impact on the shared storytelling journey.

Conclusion: Stepping into the Ring (H2)

In conclusion, the Pathfinder 2E Wrestler Dedication offers a thrilling avenue for players to explore the realms of physical combat, showmanship, and tactical prowess. From the dazzling spectacle of signature moves to the strategic nuances of grappling, this dedication invites players to step into the ring and leave an indelible mark on the Pathfinder 2E landscape.

FAQs: Unveiling the Mysteries (H2)

Q1: Can any character take the Wrestler Dedication, or are there specific classes that benefit more? A: The Wrestler Dedication is open to characters of various classes, but those with a focus on strength, agility, and charisma tend to benefit the most.

Q2: Are there any drawbacks to choosing the Wrestler Dedication for my character? A: While the dedication brings unique advantages, it's essential to consider how a flamboyant wrestling persona may affect your character's interactions in the game world.

Q3: Can my character use wrestling moves creatively outside of combat situations? A: Absolutely! The Wrestler Dedication encourages creative use of wrestling techniques in a variety of situations, adding a touch of entertainment to non-combat scenarios.

Q4: Are there specific feats that enhance the theatricality of my character's wrestling performances? A: Yes, as characters progress in the Wrestler Dedication, they can unlock feats that enhance their ability to captivate audiences with flashy entrances, charismatic speeches, and dramatic in-ring performances.

Q5: How can I work with my GM to integrate my character's wrestling persona into the overall campaign narrative? A: Communication is key. Discuss your character's wrestling persona with your GM, and collaboratively explore opportunities to weave it into the overarching narrative, creating a memorable and immersive experience for everyone at the table.

1. Wrestler Dedication - Feats - Archives of Nethys (Pathfinder 2E)

  • Your training in the wrestling arts has made you particularly adept at moving, striking, and grappling while unencumbered. You become an expert in Athletics ...

  • Your training in the wrestling arts has made you particularly adept at moving, striking, and grappling while unencumbered. You become an expert in Athletics and gain the Titan Wrestler skill feat. You don't take the –2 circumstance penalty for making a lethal attack with your nonlethal unarmed attacks. In addition, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to your Fortitude DC when resisting an opponent's attempts to Grapple you or Swallow you Whole.

2. Wrestler - Archetypes - Archives of Nethys: Pathfinder 2nd Edition ...

  • PFS Standard Wrestler Dedication Feat 2 ... Your training in the wrestling arts has made you particularly adept at moving, striking, and grappling while ...

  • Wrestlers are athletes who pit their strength and skill against powerful foes. Specializing in a variety of grabs, holds, and strikes, wrestlers are dangerous opponents whose techniques can leave a foe broken and defeated without taking their life.

    The wrestling tradition is common all over Golarion. Gladiators and other warriors who fight for entertainment use wrestling techniques in combat. The discipline's focus on grappling is also useful in non-gladiatorial matches, as many foes are unable to contend with an opponent's hold. Grappling is particularly effective against spellcasters, who have a difficult time completing the somatic components of their spells while grabbed.

    Wrestlers have storied traditions in the Hold of Belkzen, where orcs use specialized grappling techniques to subdue the large animals they ride as mounts. Orcs prefer wrestling these creatures partially to minimize harm to them, but also because they believe that the process of subduing the creature creates a stronger bond between mount and rider.

    Outside of the Inner Sea, wrestlers are common in Iblydos and Arcadia. Iblydan wrestlers focus on grappling techniques to make sure they're never left without a means to fight on the battlefield, even if their weapons are destroyed. Arcadian wrestlers engage in matches designed to retell stories of ancient gods. These matches feature impressive acrobatic feats as well as highly technical grappling maneuvers.

3. Wrestler Archetype Handbook - PF2 - RPGBOT

  • 20 feb 2023 · Wrestler Dedication 2: The dedication is particularly strong for anyone interested in grappling. It requires Athletics training, but then ...

  • Introduction The Wrestler archetype is exactly what it sounds like, expanding your options with the grab and grapple mechanics in Pathfinder 2e. While anyone with Athletics and a decent strength score can grapple, Wrestlers gain several options to do more to a grabbed target. If you’re looking to support your team by focusing on martial crowd control, the Wrestler has you covered. If you want to put some guy in a headlock and then lift them over your head in a suplex or piledriver, Wrestlers can do that too. But can’t I just grapple without being a Wrestler? Well yes, [...]

4. Dedication - Archives of Nethys: Pathfinder 2nd Edition Database

  • ... Dedication, Witch Dedication, Wizard Dedication, Worm Caller Dedication, Wrestler Dedication, Zephyr Guard Dedication, Zombie Dedication · Site Owner: Rose ...

  • You must select a feat with this trait to apply an archetype to your character.

5. Help with building a wrestler Anadi for Strength of Thousands - Paizo

  • I think with the wrestler poaching monk feats the barbarian is probably the best pick for pure grappling. However, it also doesn't synergize well with Anadi or ...

6. Form Lock (Wrestler) - Feats - Archives of Nethys (Pathfinder 2E)

  • Source Grand Bazaar pg. 127 · Archetype Wrestler · Prerequisites Wrestler Dedication · Requirements You have a creature grabbed or restrained. Your ability to ...

  • Your ability to manipulate your enemy's body is potent enough that you can tear and break apart alternate forms. Attempt an Athletics check to counteract a polymorph effect currently affecting the creature you have grabbed or restrained. If the target is somehow under the effect of multiple polymorph effects, you can choose which one to attempt to counteract; the GM chooses randomly if the separate effects aren't obvious. The target is then temporarily immune for 1 day.

7. Wanted some critics for this Animal Barbarian/wrestler (Free Archetype ...

  • 29 okt 2021 · 2.- Acute Vision / Wrestler Dedication 4.- Ragin Athlete / Combat ... Community / Forums / Pathfinder / Pathfinder Second Edition / Advice ...

  • Search Thread

8. Submission Hold - Feats - Archives of Nethys (Pathfinder 2E)

  • Submission Hold [one-action] Feat 8. Archetype Source Grand Bazaar pg. 127. Archetype Wrestler Prerequisites Wrestler Dedication Requirements You have a ...

  • Your iron grip slowly saps your opponent's strength. Attempt an Athletics check to Grapple the creature you have grabbed or restrained, with the following effects instead of the usual effects.

9. Disengaging Twist - Feats - Archives of Nethys (Pathfinder 2E)

  • Wrestler Prerequisites Wrestler Dedication Trigger A creature gives you the grabbed or restrained condition. Your ability to twist your opponents' bodies ...

  • Your ability to twist your opponents' bodies into painful locks and holds makes you particularly adept at escaping such predicaments. Attempt an Athletics check to Escape the triggering condition. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to this check.

10. Pathfinder 2e Character Building Tomfoolery - RPGnet Forums

  • Wrestler dedication is interesting for the early skill increase and of course coming with Titan Wrestler. My GM is currently leaning against using free ...

  • I'm working on ideas for a gnoll warrior who uses a lot of athletics attacks in combat. I'm currently favoring Ranger, but also considered Fighter and Rogue. On a Ranger, Flurry for reduced MAP seems nice since trips, shoves, and grabs are attacks. A flurry ranger is more accurate on the...

11. Pathfinder 2nd Ed. - Throat Punch Games

  • Feat 12. Archetype Archetype Wrestler Prerequisites Wrestler Dedication, Crushing Grab. Your grip is a vice! When you deal damage via crushing grab deal ...

  • Posts about Pathfinder 2nd Ed. written by fineyoungmisanthrope

12. Titan Wrestler - Feats - Archives of Nethys (Pathfinder 2E)

  • Archetype feats with the skill trait can be selected in place of a skill feat if you have that archetype's dedication feat. Site Owner: Rose-Winds LLC ...

  • You can attempt to Disarm, Grapple, Shove, or Trip creatures up to two sizes larger than you, or up to three sizes larger than you if you’re legendary in Athletics.

13. Archetype - Traits - Archives of Nethys (Pathfinder 2E)

  • ... Wrestler Dedication, You're an Embarrassment!, Zephyr Guard Dedication, Zombie Dedication, Zombie Horde. Focus Spells. Beastmaster Trance · Site Owner: Rose ...

  • This feat belongs to an archetype.

14. Борец (Wrestler) — документация Pathfinder 2E 1.12

  • Непреодолимая хватка (Inescapable Grasp) / 12¶. архетип. Предварительные условия: Посвящение борца (Wrestler Dedication) / 2. Источник: Lost Omens: Grand Bazaar ...

  • Источник: Lost Omens: Grand Bazaar pg. 126

15. Pathfinder 2e Character Building Tomfoolery - RPGnet Forums

  • The Giant-Wrestler Here's one (of honestly, hundreds) of possible builds that incorporate this capability. Keshi Bronebreaker, 7th level Ruffian Rogue...

  • The Giant-Wrestler Here's one (of honestly, hundreds) of possible builds that incorporate this capability. Keshi Bronebreaker, 7th level Ruffian Rogue and Goblin with a Grudge Big folk think they run things. Big folk think goblins weak because goblins small. Keshi teach big folk they break...

16. Inescapable Grasp - Feats - Archives of Nethys (Pathfinder 2E)

  • Inescapable Grasp Feat 12. Archetype Source Grand Bazaar pg. 127. Archetype Wrestler Prerequisites Wrestler Dedication. Your grasp has a supernatural quality ...

  • Your grasp has a supernatural quality to it, preventing your foes from easily escaping—with or without magical assistance. If a creature you have grabbed attempts to use a teleportation spell or effect, it must succeed at a DC 15 flat check or the spell fails. If a creature you have grabbed attempts to Escape while under the effect of freedom of movement, it must succeed at a DC 15 flat check or be forced to roll the Escape attempt normally, rather than automatically succeeding.

Pathfinder 2E Wrestler Dedication (2024)
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