HSBCnet Mobile app biometric logon: Frequently Asked Questions (2024)


HSBCnet Mobile app biometric log on: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is biometric log on?

Using a supported mobile device, you can use your registered fingerprint(s)/face(s) to log on to HSBCnet Mobile, rather than using your memorable answer and password or Security Device. This is a simple and secure way to access the HSBCnet Mobile app using just your biometrics.

2. Can I use biometrics to log on to the HSBCnet Mobile app?To log on using biometrics, you need to have the HSBCnet Mobile app installed on one of the following supported mobile devices:

Supported iPhone devices

For Touch ID:

iPhone 5s or later; running iOS 9.0 or later

For Face ID:

iPhone X with the latest version of iOS installed

Supported Android devices


A6+, A8 Star
Galaxy S6, S7, S8, S9, S9+
Galaxy C9 Pro
Galaxy Note 5, Note 8


G6, G6+
V20, V30+


Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL


Xperia XZ2 Premium



Note: Android fingerprint log on is designed to work best on the latest versions of Android OS, currently that is Version 8.1. If you have any issues installing and using Android fingerprint log on, please make sure you have installed the latest version of the Android OS on your device.

3. How do I switch to biometric logon when I am using my memorable answer and password, or Security Device, to log on to the HSBCnet Mobile app?

You can enable biometric sign-on by selecting ‘Settings’ from the menu in the HSBCnet Mobile app and turning on the Biometric logon feature. You will then need to complete the setup by following the instructions on screen.

4. Can I use biometrics to log on if I have multiple faces/fingerprints stored on my device?

When you enable biometric log on on the HSBCnet Mobile app, any biometrics that are registered on your device will also be able to log on to HSBCnet Mobile and access its services. If you choose to activate biometrics on your mobile device to log onto HSBCnet Mobile, you must ensure that only your biometrics are registered on the device. You may be responsible for unauthorised payments made from your accounts if your face/fingerprint is not the only one registered on the device and you have activated biometric sign-on. For further information on your responsibilities when using biometrics, please review the HSBCnet Mobile Biometric Sign-on Terms & Conditions, available in the app.

We’ve recently updated our E-Channels Security Measures document to include an additional clause related to the use of biometric technology on mobile devices. We strongly recommend that you read the updated document (available in the HSBCnet Help Centre) to make sure you’re aware of your responsibilities when using HSBCnet and HSBCnet Mobile.

5. How can I disable biometrics?

Disable biometric log on directly within the app by selecting ‘Biometrics’ from the menu and switch off the biometrics for your device.

6. What if my fingerprint log on enabled phone is lost or stolen?

There is a feature within the HSBCnet Mobile app where users can deactivate fingerprint authentication for HSBCnet for a lost (or just another device belonging to them) device from another device. Select ‘Biometrics’ from the menu in the app to view all of your fingerprint enabled devices. Select ‘Deactivate’ or ‘Remove’ to disable fingerprint log on for a device.
Please note that this only deactivates biometric log on for the HSBCnet Mobile app. This will not prevent you from using biometrics for other apps on the same device.

7. Will my fingerprint be stored in the app or elsewhere within HSBC?

No. Your fingerprint(s) will not be stored in the HSBCnet Mobile app or kept within any HSBC records/databases. For more details, please refer to the app Terms & Conditions.

8. Which HSBCnet services can I access with biometrics?

Logging on using biometrics allows you to view your accounts and balance information. Security Device authentication is still required for transactional activities like creating and authorising payment instructions.

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HSBCnet Mobile app biometric logon: Frequently Asked Questions (2024)


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