Copycat Lemonberry Slush Recipe (2024)

A cool, refreshing drink that's perfect for the heat of the summer. Our copycat lemonberry slush is tart and sweet and tastes just like the original.

Copycat Lemonberry Slush Recipe (1)

There’s nothing I love more in the heat of the summer than a cool, refreshing drink. This Lemonberry slush is a copycat of my favorite Sonic drink. It’s sweet, tart, and perfectly icy for days when the weather is hot.

During high school, I would always hit up Sonic’s happy hour for half price drinks on my way to work to grab a slush before heading out to referee or umpire in the blazing sun. Almost every single time, I would order their Lemonberry Slush.

Now that I’m really pregnant during the heat of the summer this year and the nearest Sonic is over an hour away, I’ve had to learn how to make it at home.

5 Simple Ingredients

It’s just a few simple ingredients, but thrown together with some ice – it’sperfectly sweet, with just the right amount of tanginess that you expect from a summer drink.

For this recipe, all you need are these 5 ingredients:

Copycat Lemonberry Slush Recipe (2)
  • Lemon-lime flavored soda (I used a lemon-lime Mountain Dew for a little afternoon pick me up, but you could use Sprite or whatever brand you prefer – with or without calories)
  • Lemon juice (I think fresh is best, but you could easily use store-bought lemon juice, too)
  • Granulated sugar (you could omit this, I just added it for extra sweetness because I know Sonic’s slushes are REALLY sweet)
  • Strawberries (I used fresh here, too, but you could easily use frozen strawberries for a thicker slush)
  • Ice cubes (more or less depending on how thick you want your slush to be – we usually use about 3 cups)

We serve them in these cute mason jar glasseswith our favorite metal straws.

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How to make lemonberry slushes:

This recipe is so simple to make – all you have to do is place all of the ingredients in a high-powered blender and blend until you reach your desired consistency.

The trick here is to make sure you have a blender that will get the job done. Our favorites are the Blendtec (pictured below) or the Vitamix.

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Copycat Lemonberry Slush Recipe (5)

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Copycat Lemonberry Slush Recipe (7)

Serves: 4

Copycat Lemonberry Slush Recipe

A cool, refreshing drink that's perfect for the heat of the summer. Our copycat lemonberry slush is tart and sweet and tastes just like the original.

Prep Time 5 minutes mins

Total Time 5 minutes mins



  • 1 cup lemon lime flavored soda
  • cup lemon juice
  • ¼ cup sugar
  • 2 cups strawberries halved
  • 3 cups ice cubes


  • Mix together all ingredients in a high-power blender and serve.


  • You can add more or less ice to reach your desired consistency. We like ours a lot thicker (like a slushy) so we usually add about 3 cups of ice.


Calories: 100 kcal · Carbohydrates: 26 g · Protein: 1 g · Fat: 1 g · Saturated Fat: 1 g · Polyunsaturated Fat: 1 g · Monounsaturated Fat: 1 g · Sodium: 16 mg · Potassium: 132 mg · Fiber: 2 g · Sugar: 23 g · Vitamin A: 10 IU · Vitamin C: 50 mg · Calcium: 19 mg · Iron: 1 mg

Recipe Details

Course: Drinks

Cuisine: American

Recipe adapted from: All Recipes

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Copycat Lemonberry Slush Recipe (8)

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  1. Deanna Silva says:

    This recipe is delicious!! Almost like the original. Will definitely make this again.

Copycat Lemonberry Slush Recipe (9)

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Copycat Lemonberry Slush Recipe (2024)


What's in Sonics Lemon Berry Slush? ›

The first ingredient in this drive-in drink is a layer of Sonic's existing Frozen Lemonade Slush, followed by “100 percent Real Ice Cream” (their words, not mine) and a layer of real strawberries up top to seal the deal.

What makes a sonic slush? ›

The Sonic Slush is an iconic drink that you can off their regular sonic menu or sonic app. The delicious menu items are flavored with syrup and combined with crushed ice cubes. There are many different add-ins and flavors you can get. The options are endless.

Why do Sonic slushies give you brain freeze? ›

Brain freezes happen when something very cold comes into contact with the roof of your mouth. Your blood vessels shrink, then relax again, and that relaxation results in a rush of blood to the brain, causing the sensation of your gray matter being squeezed in a vice.

What is Sonic's most popular slush? ›

Cherry Limeade Slush

This sweet and sour real fruit slush is an absolute favorite among Sonic customers. First-timers are often so in love with its unique flavor that they cannot resist ordering another. It is topped with a slice of lime, giving you the option to squeeze in some extra tanginess according to your taste.

How do you make homemade slushie hacks? ›

DIY 10min Slushie Using Ice and Salt Method
  1. Step 1: Bag It. Pour your drink into a small ziplock bag, remove air and seal well.
  2. Step 2: Ice and Salt Bath. I like to layer my ice and salt. ...
  3. Step 3: Frozen Slushee. ...
  4. Step 4: Enjoy.

What makes slushies slushy? ›

The sugar acts as an antifreeze in the solution. The slush machine stirs or rotates the mixture at a constant speed so that the sugar and water molecules bond together before the water gets a chance to freeze. In this way, a soft, wet slurry mixture is formed.

What is the base of a Sonic slush? ›

The Sonic Slush is made from flavored syrup combined with crushed ice, and the result is a sweet, refreshing, and (obviously) slushy concoction loved by people all across the country.

Can a regular blender make slushies? ›

You can easily make slushies in your blender with your favorite ingredients.

How to make a slushie with a ziploc bag? ›

  1. Take 1 quart-sized freezer bag.
  2. Add fruit juice to the quart-sized freezer bag.
  3. Seal your quart-sized freezer bag.
  4. Add ice and salt to the gallon-sized freezer bag.
  5. Place the quart-sized bag inside a gallon-sized freezer bag.
  6. Seal the gallon-sized bag.
  7. Shake for 5 minutes or until the juice begins to freeze.

How do you make slush thicker? ›

To make the slush thicker, take a small flat screwdriver and turn the screw ANTI-CLOCKWISE. You will notice the adjustment indicator moving downwards. Only allow the adjustment indicator to move 1/2 a notch at a time before waiting 1/2 hour to see if your slush consistency has improved.

Are Sonic slushies healthy? ›

"I would recommend skipping all the slushes from Sonic; they are high-calorie beverages," says Berger. "Some research suggests drinking calories is not as satisfying as eating, which can lead to consuming more calories than we need."

Does Sonic have real fruit slushies? ›

Real Fruit Slushes

SONIC's craveable, icy slush made more delicious with real fruit!

What are the alcohol slushies at Sonic? ›

Sonic Hard Slush offers three flavors of frozen drinks: cherry limeade, blue raspberry and watermelon. At 6 percent ABV, branded with the fast food empire's name, and created by COOP Beverage Works, the slush pouches are comparable to Sonic Drive-In's earlier seltzer launch.

Do all Sonic slushes have sugar? ›

No, Sonic does not offer sugar free slushies. This is because the base of the slushies at Sonic contain sugar. Even if you are ordering a slush with a sugar free flavor add in, your slush will still be anywhere from 48g-103g of sugar depending on the size.


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