Accident On 40 East Today (2024)

1. I-40 Coverage -

  • Sky 5 was over the accident on I-40 eastbound near Fayetteville Road. The crash appeared to involve one tractor-trailer and at least five other vehicles. WRAL ...

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2. Highway 40 East | News, Videos & Articles

  • Highway 40 East · Laval man arrested following police pursuit · Man in critical condition after truck crash on Highway 40 · Highway 40 East closed after tractor ...

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3. I 40 - ABC11 Raleigh-Durham

  • A major crash involving about a dozen vehicles caused a major traffic problem on Interstate 40 near US 70 in Wake County. Crash on I-40 near Streets at ...

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4. Traffic Reports On I-40 In Arkansas | Facebook

5. Traffic - Action News 5

  • No injuries after vehicle overturns in multi-car wreck on I-40 East. Updated: Apr. 4, 2024 at 7:20 PM PDT. |. By ...

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6. Traffic - Amarillo - KFDA

  • Amarillo police have released new details on a crash near 45th and Soncy that left two people dead and two others injured Friday night.

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7. I-40 Corridor | KRQE News 13

  • I-40 East Outside Albuquerque Metro · I-40 @ Tramway Onramp · I-40 @ Carnuel Overpass · I-40 @ Carnuel · I-40 @ NM 14 · I-40 @ Zamora Road · I-40 @ Zuzax · I-40 @ ...

  • I-40 West Outside Albuquerque Metro I-40 West of Atrisco VistaI-40 @ NM 6I-40 @ Continental DivideI-40 @ Exit 36I-40 WB @ US 491 GallupI-40 EB 491 Gallup I-40 East Outside Albuquerque Metro I-40 @ …

8. Autoroute 40 – Current Conditions | Québec 511

9. Friday crash on I-40 impacts traffic east of Adrian, DPS confirms 2 deaths

  • 14 apr 2024 · According to an update from the Texas Department of Transportation Highway Conditions Map, an accident on I-40 just east of Adrian on Friday ...

  • According to an update from the Texas Department of Transportation Highway Conditions Map, an accident on I-40 just east of Adrian on Friday afternoon has significantly impacted both eastbound and …

10. Local Breaking | CTV News Montreal

  • crash. A woman is dead after a collision on Highway 40 in Pointe Claire.

  • Find breaking Montreal & COVID-19 news, live coverage, weather, traffic, in-depth reporting, sports, local events and video.

11. Interstate 40 East shuts down after crash near US 220 in Greensboro

  • 21 apr 2024 · GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — All lanes of Interstate 40 East were closed as the result of a Sunday afternoon crash, according to the North ...

  • GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — All lanes of Interstate 40 East were closed as the result of a Sunday afternoon crash, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The Greensboro Police …

12. Crash shuts down I-40 east near The Streets at Southpoint -

  • Duur: 3:40Geplaatst: 19 feb 2024

  • A crash has completely shut down all eastbound lanes of I-40 near The Streets at Southpoint. Sky 5 is over the scene of the accident.

13. 20 cars involved in crash on I-40 East in Orange County - ABC11

  • 6 apr 2024 · There were 20 cars involved in a crash on I-40 East in Orange County.

  • All lanes on I-40 East are open west of Durham at Exit 266, NC-66.

14. Current Traffic Accidents |

  • Current Traffic Accidents. Breadcrumb. Home · Departments ... Shelby ave exit l p field, East. 45P, MVA-property ... 2024-06-12 12:40:17, 275 Stewarts Ferry Pike ...

  • Official website of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.

15. Overturned truck impacting traffic on I-40 - FOX Carolina

  • 15 apr 2024 · The collision ...

  • McDowell County Emergency Services said a crash involving an overturned truck is impacting drivers on Interstate 40 Monday afternoon.

Accident On 40 East Today (2024)


How do I find out about local car accidents? ›

Calling local law enforcement agencies you believe may have responded to a potential crash may provide you with information about accident victims.

How to get car accident police report online in NJ? ›

Click on the "Records Request for a Serious/Fatal Crash" tab below and follow the prompts to upload the subpoena or court order to obtain these records. If you require assistance with this online service, please email your inquiries to the New Jersey State Police at

How do I look up an accident report in North Carolina? ›

You may obtain copies of crash reports from the Division of Motor Vehicles one of three ways:
  1. By calling (919) 861-3098.
  2. By visiting in person the DMV Headquarters at 1100 New Bern Ave.
  3. By mailing your request TR-67A form to:
  4. NCDOT-DMV Traffic Records Section. 3106 Mail Service Center. Raleigh, NC 27697-3106.

How to check if someone has had an accident? ›

To verify a vehicle's accident history, obtaining a comprehensive vehicle history report is key. Services like My Car Check or AA Car Check can provide such information using the car's Vehicle's registration number.

What's going on on the 14 freeway right now? ›

SR 14. No traffic restrictions are reported for this area.

Are car accident reports public record in NJ? ›

Car accident reports submitted by drivers and law enforcement officials are recognized as public records in New Jersey. This means members of the public can access them, including the individuals involved in the crash, law enforcement and insurance company representatives.

Are police reports public record in NJ? ›

Who can access arrest records depends on the details and type of charges. As a general rule, most arrest records are available to the public. However, this can vary from state to state. The New Jersey Open Public Records Act means that most arrest records are available to anyone in the state.

Does a police report automatically go to insurance in NJ? ›

How to Access the Police Report After an Accident. Since the insurance company doesn't automatically receive a copy of the police report after an accident, you'll have to look up your accident report online.

How do I get an accident report from NC Highway Patrol? ›

Crash reports can be obtained by visiting the NCDPS website and clicking on the link Collision Information. Certified crash reports must be obtained from NCDMV pursuant to § 20-42. A copy of a Medical Examiner and Toxicology report may be requested from the Chief Medical Examiner's Office.

How long does it take to get a crash report in NC? ›

Crash Reports Unit

Generally, these Reports are processed 10 business days from the time of receipt of the request.

How do I get a copy of a police report in NC? ›

To obtain copies of incident and arrest reports, call or visit the police station. To obtain copies of accident reports visit the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.

How do I look up an accident report in California? ›

Motorists involved in a collision will be given a crash card with a QR code that can later be scanned to find detailed information about the incident. The information can also be obtained by registering and logging into the website.

Do insurance companies report accidents to DMV California? ›

In general, your car insurance company does not report accidents to the DMV. Many states have laws that require the police—or you—to file a report with the DMV; one must always be filed if someone is injured or killed in a collision.

Should I file a police report for a minor car accident in California? ›

A: It is illegal not to report a car accident if the accident resulted in injury, death, or significant property damage. Even an accident that caused a minor injury should be reported. If you learn the property damage exceeds $1,000, the report should also be made.

How long do you have to report a hit and run in California? ›

CVC §16000: If an accident results in damages $1,000 dollars, injuries, or death, you must report the incident to the DMV within ten days. CVC §16002: If you were driving a company vehicle during the accident, you must report it within five days.


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